What To look forward to from Me this year?

Post by adminsdd 01/01/2010 0 Comment Just Chattin,
Well i was thinking, what have people that do check this site got to look forward to this year??A Few things! I have got some cars lined up which i will be documenting there whole builds into one review, some real killer cars, and i am really looking forward to it!Also, im off to the states for a few months too, so il be writing a bit about that aswell.not only that, loads of car show's and Pictures! i cant wait. few of my Fav pics of the year are as follows ::This is my favourite one of my own car: nullOne of tegboys always sticks out at me! nullOne of maitlands nullOne from Vegas nullThank you for reading my blog the last year! hope you keep checking back for next year :-) Some stickers will be available in the near future! So keep your eye out! and if you'd like to buy one id really appreciate it!!See you soon!Aj