Who the f**k Needs a Prius?!

Post by adminsdd 11/03/2010 0 Comment Just Chattin,
nullHonestly?These cars can all burn in hell for i care, i mean not only does it look like a boring box, but the interior is nothing special at all, few digital dials but to be honest it reminds me of a Tackier version of a 4th Gen Prelude !Which brings me round nicely to this: nullthe Honda CR-Z Maybe im biased because of my loyalty to the big H? Probably, but fuck it, if your going to do it, do it right. and I think honda have, the car will come with 130bhp out of a Hybrid engine, its not going to be "slow" but, neither will it be spine shatteringly fast.Now mugen and Spoon have already had a fiddle with them,& i think they look FRICKIN AWESOME!Spoon: null nullMugen: nullNow to be honest i really dont want to start a MY HYBRIDZ IZ BETA DAN UR HYBRIDZ debate, because quite frankly i cant think of anything more boring. But I will end on this note, id rather see a prius like this: null (PICTURE TAKEN FROM : "WHOCAREZ"'s Flickr: //www.flickr.com/photos/whocaresz/)