Who's going to be Big in 2010??

Post by adminsdd 28/01/2010 0 Comment Just Chattin,
Well, I was thinking this to myself for the last few week's. Whos going to come along and just take over the Scene in 2010? Music wise im talking here.I love LMFAO and have since i herd there song YES played on a Vw video from america. After that, i instantly bought there album on Itunes, called PARTY ROCK.And this was probably back in June of 2009? So over half a year ago now. And i LOVED It i cannot express how many people i have FORCED to listen to there music.The way i can explain it, is 80s Electro new age hip hop ? Its so strange but its fantastic! i can't call it pop, because mainly of the lyrics used, not so much swares but the content, but its Fun."CHUCKIE" Did a Cover of "IM IN MIAMI" I think he re-named it let the bass Kick in?.. Well LMFAO Got little publicity in the way of there name thrown about when it was introduced on the radio:Origional: [youtube=Chuckies Version: [youtube=So a little radio Help, gettin up the UK Singles charts was a good thing.huge new's hearing that they were singed to Will I Am's Record label & Touring with the Black eye'd Peas!On 22nd Jan Lostprophets were on bbc Radio 1, in which they did there live song, Followed by a Cover, which they had LMFAO come and join them in covering Jay Z & Alicia Keys song Empire state of mind.[youtube=Whilst this was playing i got really over excited for the fact they were on the biggest radio station in the country, and i text in like an excited 8 year old girl at a jonas brothers concert. and Fern Cotton of radio 1, Read my text to them, which managed to get a Cheer from them haha. it honestly made my day, it was brillaint.nullSo once again, sat here at my computer at work, and i hear fern Reintroducing LMFAO and started playing LA LA LA, off their album Party Rock. Which was sick!! Honestly im so glad they are finally getting played on the radio so more people will hear them. im a huge self confessed LMFAO geek, Ive bought 3 of there band shirts and Have stickers etc etc. but whatever, im a Fan, if you get me Early you got me for life.One day i Will meet these guy's and do some shots, get F*@ked up and have a Huge party. When? im yet to find out. but its going to happen!Everyone listen to them! Buy the single when it comes out:[youtube=These guys are my Tip for Big things in 2010. Best of luck guys!!null