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Sometimes in life the friends you pick for yourself can seriously alter what you have to do on weekends, it's a fact that if you all are ultra *ceeb like the group that I have seemed to have chosen, not a hole lot happens, but somehow ALOT happens. It probably wont make sense to you, it doesn't to us either.



But one thing we all have in common is our attitude towards modifying our cars. We all like genuine stuff, we all like trying to have the best & Nath's Volkswagen Scirocco simply is THE best.


First of his recent trips to Plush Automotive for Airlift struts and easy street digital management kit, gave his car the ability to go as low as he physically wants.


Backside pointforward


He text me saying he'd ordered his new Rotiform's. Fortunately knowing Nath I also know he's a lying prick so I knew they were not going to be Rotiform's as I'D told him to buy CCW's a few day's before haha.



The CCW's Turned up and I was jealous, I don't have a car I'd ever put them on but I wanted them.


The car first modelled the CCW Classics at Ultimate Dubs *See previous Posts for what I thought of that show lol* But As soon as we were back, I had a tweet saying he was back on his way to Leicestershire way for the car to have even more work at Plush.



Front seats

The Recaro's he'd had put in, along with the rear bench & door cards had been fully re-trimmed in lilac, complimenting the dark metallic blue finish in a way no one really would have expected. along side the CCW's. It's a show stopper. One of the few car's I admit to the owner that I am jealous of.


Enjoy the pictures. I got no more to say, the cars stunning, I'm confident you'll agree.



Back side


This guy agreed, a driving instructor stopped us during the shoot so he could take a picture for himself! lol


*Ceeb-When you really, really cannot be arsed.